Millennials…What the H*ll?

Gina Fernandez_GDF CoachingAh, welcome to the generation of “It’s All About Me.”  To everyone getting a trophy for just showing up, eye-rolling over a barely 40-hour work week, and looking up to the Kardashians as role models.  My heart absolutely goes out to all business owners and leaders attempting to manage the mentality and mindset of their young, egocentric employees.  In my attempt to not have every person under 30 years old reading this hate me, I will preface this blog with saying that not every single Millennial shares this mentality…but a LARGE sum do, hence the need to address this in a blog.  I’ve been working with numerous clients who are dumbfounded as to how to manage the behaviors associated with a mediocre at best work ethic. So here’s my two cents…

Different isn’t bad. Just…different.

I’ve been in the business of recruiting and hiring individuals for almost 15 years.  I have hired employees ranging from entry-level up to executives ages 18-60.  The biggest difference I see is how to present and sell a job to different generations.  Those who are more seasoned are well-versed in 50-hour work weeks, and prefer to focus on what the expectations are and how they can fit into the organization.  Those of the younger generation are much less concerned with hours (although VERY uncomfortable with 40+) and way more interested in how the company can benefit them.  This is a tough pill for a lot of employers to swallow.  For myself, being raised by a father who was a successful business owner and mother who has more letters behind her name than I do in my name, I also found it a challenge to acclimate to this new generation.

The beauty of this population is their ability to be creative, open-minded and resourceful.  They grew up with a level of technology foreign to us elders.  They can quickly adapt to situations and their minds can process an incredible capacity.  This is where we need to bridge the gap.  There’s a difference in what stimulates their brains and motives them.  Figuring that out is where the challenge lies.  We can’t expect they are going to work and think the same way it was done years ago.  Conversations, trainings and the overall approach needs to be as different and diverse as they are.

Don’t despair, there’s hope!

If you’re a business owner or leader struggling to work with this generation, if you’re intrigued and/or scared of how to acclimate your business to their talents and potential – don’t be.  A strong, established workplace culture is instrumental in the success of your business.  Talent comes in all shapes, sizes, ages, mindsets, and beliefs.  Take the time to learn how to properly identify talent and develop it and your business can achieve breakthrough results.

Gina DiStefano Fernandez, founder of GDF Coaching, LLC, was established after 15 years combined experience in executive level recruiting and working for one of the largest restaurant corporations in the world.  Gina holds a wealth of knowledge surrounding people development, hiring, leadership training, personal growth and career transition.  For more information, visit her website at

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